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Safety & Quality

Health and Safety Policy

Northern Industrial Construction is committed to providing and maintaining a safe work environment. The personal health and safety of each employee of this company is of primary importance.

Our objective is to maintain a safe and environmentally conscious work environment for employees, clients, subcontractors, and the general public.

To accomplish this goal, we have implemented an Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental program (OHS&E) involving policies, procedures and practices that encourage continuous improvement of the program and compliance with applicable provincial OH&S regulations. Safety is a condition of employment. Responsibilities lie with:


  • Provide leadership.
  • Implement and monitor the OHS&E program.
  • Ensure program effectiveness and improvement.
  • Ensure safeguards are provided to achieve and maintain safe conditions.


  • Develop and maintain the proper attitude towards the OHS&E program in themselves and in those they supervise.
  • Ensure all operations are performed according to government regulations and to the OHS&E program.


  • Full participation in the OHS&E program.
  • Perform duties in accordance to the government regulations and the OHS&E program.


  • Required to comply and conduct their work in accordance with the government regulations and the OHS&E program. (see sub-contractor policy for more details).

Our OHS&E program requires the dedication, commitment, involvement and participation from everyone, every day, on every job. Working together will allow us to achieve a safe

Quality Control Policy

Northern Industrial Construction’s principal objective is to provide our clients with quality, innovative and value added construction and engineering solutions for their projects.

We shall ensure that all items either constructed by Northern Industrial or that of its subcontractors and suppliers shall meet the project quality requirements.

We have established procedures based on ISO 9001. Our management team is responsible for the quality of the work performed by our own forces, its subcontractors and our suppliers. The successful implementation of the quality control policies and procedures lies in the capabilities and experience of the Management Team together with the supplies workforce working together with Team Members dedicated to achieving a common goal – To produce quality lasting products.

It is the policy of Northern Industrial that all components of construction shall be performed in accordance with the requirements of the Owner’s Contract Specifications, the approved drawings and the implementation of the Quality Plan.

Our objectives can be summarized to the following:

  • To complete the project right the first time, on schedule and ensure quality workmanship at all stages of the project through the utilization of a Quality Control Program.
  • To provide our clients with quality products and services that conform to the applicable contract requirements, rules and regulations, whether supplied directly, through subcontractors or the Owner.